Crag Cave

Ireland’s Most Exciting Showcave. Crag Cave is a natural limestone cave, it was discovered in 1983 and is thought to be over one million years old. Children of all ages are delighted and enthralled by this magical wonderland of stalagmites and stalactites and our tour guides will explain very simply the origins of the cave and describe its many beautiful formations.

This experience in a world older than mankind can then be combined with a lesson back in class. Worksheets are available for each child and an information booklet is available for teachers.

• Coffee Shop (complimentary refreshments for teachers)
• Gift Shop (unbeatable value in children’s toys and gifts)
• Sweet Shop
• Indoor and Outdoor picnic area
• Crazy Cave Adventure Centre (priced separately)
• Tour of Crag Cave €5 per child (allow 45 minutes)
• Play area €7 (90 minutes play time)
• Group meals available. Choose from Chicken Nuggets, Sausages or
Fish Fingers and Chips with a drink €5.00
• Combined Ticket to Cave & Play Area €11.00 per child (allow 2 hours)