The Playdium

The Playdium is Kerry’s largest and most popular indoor soft play adventure facility for children. With over 10,000sqft of climbing frames, slides, adventure towers and indoor games facilities, the Playdium offers children of all age’s the opportunity to play, exercise and socialise in a fully secure and supervised facility.

Option 1: Playdium Play
Price: €6.00 per child
Duration: 2 hours

Option 2: Playdium Play and learn
Price: €12.00 per child
Duration: 2 ½ Hours

In association with Designer Minds, The Playdium are offering a combined Play and Learn opportunity to schools where we will combine play time with a range of workshops in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Schools can choose from 3 different 1 hour workshops
Stop Motion Animation – Children are given the opportunity to be creative with technology and create their own animation.
What is Coding? – Children play a game which introduces them to the concept of computer programming including bugs, debugging and functions! Rounded off with a fun app which teaches coding concepts.
Electronics – Children play with electronic prototyping modules and are given challenges which allow them to learn about electronics and circuits.