Tralee Bay Wetlands

Situated on the banks of the River Lee, Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre provides a window on the diverse and spectacular Tralee bay Nature Reserve. This is a world famous Natura 2000 site which extends over 100 hectares (2500 acres) from Tralee to the Maharee Islands. Tralee Wetlands is a microcosm of the wild reserve that it adjoins and features a range of facilities and activities including: an eco friendly visitor orientation centre where visitors are introduced to the Tralee Bay ecosystem, recreated fresh and saltwater habitats, safari boat ride, pond dipping activities and access to the 20 metre high viewing tower (with lift and stairs) which affords panoramic views of the Bay. The activity zone consists of a light watersports lake, 2.2km of walks and cycleway and a smaller ‘learn to fish lake’ for young and novice anglers.

The school tour visit includes an audio-visual presentation, a boat ride and a viewing from the 20 foot high tower.

All activities are 30 mins in duration. A 30 min break is included.

Please note due to Ireland’s changeable weather conditions we ask all participants in the school tours to bring wellies, old shoes, rain gear and a change of clothes.

Duration How Many Activities? Price
4 Hours 7 Activities €19
3.5 Hours 6 Activities €17
3 Hours 5 Activities €15
2.5 Hours 4 Activities €12.50
2 Hours 3 Activities €9.50
1.5 Hours 2 Activities €7.00

The climbing wall is €5 extra to add.